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T-Pessar Typ B
T-Pessar Typ B
T-Pessar Typ R
T-Pessar Typ R

Pelvic floor defects in women are often a combination of cystocele, enterocele and rectocele. A cystozele occurs when the very thin wall between the bladder and vagina has become too weak, and the bladder partially sinks into the vagina. This ensures complete emptying of the bladder is no longer possible, and in most cases, the patient is also subject of a stress incontinence.

The T-Pessary is specifically designed for the treatment of cystocele and rectocele. The cylindrical shape repositions the bladder in the anatomically correct position.

In Type B wells provide that the T-pessary adheres to the vaginal wall and thereby stabilizes it.


The T-Pessary can be easily inserted and removed  using the removal thread. The various sizes ensure individual adjustment is possible. The specially designed surface largely avoids pressure points in the mucosal area.

Especially during physical activity - such as heavy work or sport - T-pessary is holding bladder and bowel in the anatomically correct position.

The medesign T-Pessary fitting kit allows determination of pessary size in the doctor's office and includes the sizes 2, 3, 4 and 5.

Available Sizes

Product Size Content Product Number PZN Germany EAN-Code
T-Pessary Type R Sz. 1 / 20/50 mm 1 pcs MED1001651 6495126 4250201207371
T-Pessary Type R Sz. 2 / 25/55 mm 1 pcs MED1001641 6495132 4250201207296
T-Pessary Type R Sz. 3 / 32/79 mm 1 pcs MED1001652 6941407 4250201207388
T-Pessary Type R Sz. 4 / 36/80 mm 1 pcs MED1001724 6941413 4250201207975
T-Pessary Type R Sz. 5 / 42/70 mm 1 pcs MED1001725 6941436 4250201207982
T-Pessary Type R Sz. 6 / 46/84 mm 1 pcs MED1001726 6941442 4250201207999
T-Pessary Type B Sz. 1 / 20/53 mm 1 pcs MED1001649 6495089 4250201207357
T-Pessary Type B Sz. 2 / 25/56 mm 1 pcs MED1001640 6495095 4250201207289
T-Pessary Type B Sz. 3 / 32/78 mm 1 pcs MED1001650 6941353 4250201207364
T-Pessary Type B Sz. 4 / 36/78 mm 1 pcs MED1001727 6941376 4250201208002
T-Pessary Type B Sz. 5 / 42/78 mm 1 pcs MED1001728 6941382 4250201208019
T-Pessary Type B Sz. 6 / 46/81 mm 1 pcs MED1001729 6941399 4250201208026
Material Medical Silicone - Silcopure transparent
Classification Medical Product IIb

More Information

Dimensions given in the table refer to length and diameter of the Pessary.

Contents of delivery:

  • 1 Pessary with manual
  • 1 Ladysoft Lubricant 30ml with manual